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Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 in Mexico | 0 comments

Postcards from… Mexico – The ‘Yellow City’ of Izamal.

Postcards from… Mexico – The ‘Yellow City’ of Izamal.

Izamal, located in central Yucatán is a colonial gem of a town.  Nicknamed ‘La Ciudad Amarilla’ (The Yellow City) for the yellow paint that adorns the walls of practically every building, it’s easily explored on foot and makes a great day trip from Mérida.  In ancient times Izamal was a center for the worship of the supreme Maya god, Itzamná, and over a dozen temple pyramids were devoted to Mayan gods.  It was probably due to these expressions of Maya religion that provoked the Spaniards to build the huge Franciscan monastery that stands today in the center of town.

Mexico's Yellow City

The Striking Yellow Convent

Mexico's Mayan people

A Mayan woman in traditional dress

Yucatan's Yellow City

A Close-up of the Arches

Yellow Convent in Mexico

The Arched Inner Courtyard of the Convent

Learn more about Izamal, Yucatan and our creative, experiential tours to Mexico on the Mexico page of our website.

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