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The Global Traveler Pledge

Iceland – One of the main motivators for tourism in Iceland is the sheer untouched beauty that exists in the region. The mountainous rocky landscape is stunning and many people from all over the world come to visit. With a new transient population coming to Iceland within the last decade, there were some boundaries that needed to be set in order to preserve the country’s beauty. In 2017, a pledge was created to educate travelers about respecting nature and staying safe. While taking a pledge is not the ultimate solution to human impact, it is certainly effective in educating travelers about the issues Iceland faces and invites them to participate in carrying out positive change.

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Some of the items that the Icelandic Pledge include are “When I travel to new places, I will leave them as I found them,” “I will take photos to die for, without dying for them,” and “I will follow the road into the unknown, but I will never venture off the road.” Some of these statements use humor to educate people on very real scenarios. Iceland’s destination management, along with other travel destinations, have effectively adopted this method of tourism education. Pledges have shown themselves to be well-received by global travelers. Negative tourism behaviors like defacing national monuments, vandalism, littering, cultural indifference, and excessive environmental disruption are addressed in visitor pledges using a positive message.

New Zealand offers a pledge called the Tiaki Promise which promotes similar behaviors to the Icelandic Pledge. It encourages visitors of New Zealand to participate the holistic care of the country, including cultural preservation, environmental protection, and personal safety. We make sure to include this pledge in our tour package when we send our clients to New Zealand. To get information about the Tiaki Promise, click here.

If you are traveling anytime soon, I encourage you to inquire about that country’s sustainability pledge. If they don’t have one, we have included our own Global Traveler Pledge (see below). It lists principles that can be applied everywhere you go.¬†Participating in the betterment of the planet can only add to one’s own quality of life. Striving for the least amount of impact and yet, the highest quality experience is how we like to travel. For more information on booking a trip with us, please visit¬†our page.


I pledge to adventure with an open mind and a willingness to learn about the local culture and heritage

I will tread lightly and leave the destination more beautiful than when I arrived there

I will support the local business community with my dollar and my time

I will enjoy the presence of local wildlife but will respect their space and habitat

I will use products that are not harsh on the local watershed

I will refuse unnecessary disposable plastics and instead opt to use products that can be reused again

Wherever I find myself in the world, I vow to live in the moment and take in the natural beauty, the new experiences, and the lasting friendships that are created from exploring the world

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